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FDA’s threat to Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Therapy threat puts millions of patients at risk..take action today!

We have gone too long, thinking that we have freedom of choice, without realizing that if those freedoms are not protected, they will cease to exist.

There are those who would eliminate your right to make your own choices about heath treatments, including your access to nutritional supplements, natural hormone therapy, compounded medications, and more, but there are voices raising against these groups who want to take away our health choices!

For instance, there will likely be a meeting of the FDA Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee in June, but their agenda will not be published until 2-4 weeks prior, and opportunity for professional or public input into any agenda item is limited. Compounded Bio-Identical Hormones, anyone? Not for long!!

The CBHRT Coalition is working to help organize and gather comments going to the FDA, and strategizing with fellow organizations and people to push back against this ongoing overreach, including countering mis- and dis-information!!

Now is our time to take individual and team action.


It is time to stand up and speak out to protect our health freedoms.
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