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Menopause Thoughts

I have come to understand that:

  • My health is my greatest asset.
  • I can be happy in myself, irrespective of my relationships.
  • I can live my life as an expression of myself, and not justify it to others.
  • All the love that I need is found within me, and I do not need to rely on another person to make me happy.
  • I can have a fulfilling and interesting relationship with my own mind and I do not have to be bored.
  • I can continue to learn and grow and become a better person.
  • I do not have to worry, as I am taken care of by something much greater than my own concerns.
  • There are many philosophies and ideologies but the soul can only be quenched by love.
  • I will always be beautiful, although my body will age.
  • I will always be young in the eyes of our creator and I can always experience the excitement and adventure of a child.
  • I value my friends and team of helpers who help me achieve my goals.
  • I can always believe in my dreams, as only this will make them happen.
  • Although I need to listen to others, I can trust my own intuition.

Some thoughts at menopause:

  • I have some lines on my face from fifty years of life.
  • They tell me of years in the sun, of sorrows and joys.
  • They tell me of time.
  • They tell me I have lived and that I am still alive.
  • They can’t be erased. They can be softened…
  • Do I long for the smooth-skinned, freckle-faced kid I once was?
  • No. I long for the same thing today I longed for then:
  • To be the best I am able to be.