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Dr. Mark Hyman - Food as Medicine, Part 2 - Shopping Guide

This Ethical Eater’s Pocket Guide is your new go-to resource for becoming a conscious consumer.

It will teach you which labels and claims to look for as your maneuver the grocery store, along with important details on how to read nutrition labels and look for problem ingredients. Most importantly, it will show you how to shop in a way that supports lifelong health,


Though I happened upon the name “Pegan” accidentally, I realized that the concept of eating in a part Paleo part vegan fashion is the best path for a balanced diet and great health. Throughout all my years of scientific research, helping patients, and even tackling my own healing journey, Pegan is the diet and lifestyle that I’ve seen have the most healing power., It’s nutrient-dense, plant-heavy, medicine-on-a-fork.

It comes down to this: 75% of your diet should be non-starchy plant foods—eat the rainbow, as colorful and varied as you can, bonus points if you can buy local, organic, and in-season foods. Include a small (palm-sized) portion of pasture-raised/wild-caught protein, a serving or two of healthy fats (pasture-raised butter, avocados, coconut oil, nut butter, etc.), and possibly a small serving of starchy vegetables or low-glycemic fruits.

NOTE: These recommendations are based on my thorough scientific research and years of treating patients—I consider the Pegan way of eating a lifestyle and not a diet. If you are wanting to radically overhaul your health, check out my 10-Day Food Fix Reset.

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