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Glutathione/Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging Lotion 8oz


It's like Face Rx for the body!

You need patience and consistent use to get anti-aging effects on the skin.


“Since using the Anti Aging Body lotion I have noticed a marked improvement in the appearance and feel of skin. Definitely in the upper arms where we tend to have creepy skin. Goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly. Absolutely recommend!”

- A.


“I am 64 years old and I have been using the LabNaturalsSKIN anti-aging skincare line for a few years now.  I was thrilled that a new Anti-aging body lotion with GLUTATHIONE was introduced recently.  I bought a 2 oz trial size and came in for a full 8oz size because after 2 weeks my skin looks dewier, less ashy, and feels so soft!

You have to try this!  You won’t be sorry!” 




The anti-aging benefits are needed no matter where you live – Colorado to Pennsylvania, your skin cells need nourishment!

We have seen better circulation, prevention of crepey skin, lightening of liver spots, decreased edema(swelling) in the legs, and less cellulite!

Hope you are in it for the long haul…. the above results/benefits require long term use to achieve.  Like everything worth waiting for this is worth it but doesn’t happen overnight!

Susan M. – Pharmacist/Owner


“My psoriasis is improving! Love the texture! Feels like silk! I absolutely love it!”

- E. R.

*For more information on the amazing benefits of Glutathione, the body's A.I.D. please visit

A blend of natural fixed essential oil, combined with the micro-nutrients found in Aloe Vera, and herbal essential oils, hyaluronic acid and the master anti-aging compound: glutathione; makes a perfect anti-aging body lotion.

This body lotion is more expensive than that found in grocery stores so the glutathione makes it more valuable so you can talk about telomere length increase or antioxidant etc. use in cellulite or stretch marks.

8 fl oz