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Vaginal Rejuvenation Program

Improve vaginal health, enhance orgasms, and prevent and treat incontinence

What is the Vaginal Rejuvenation Program?

An integral part of a healthy lifestyle for women who want to improve or maintain vaginal health such as:

  • Have thinning vaginal skin
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Painful penetration during intimacy or pelvic exams

3 Steps to Rejuvenation

3 steps to maximum benefits:

  1. Moisturizing
  2. Manual massage
  3. Vibrating massage

Vaginal lubrication is directly related to blood circulation and lubrication comes from blood which is filtered through the spaces between skin cells, not a gland. Interferences with small blood vessel circulation include (antihistamines, lack of exercise, high blood pressure) reduces genital lubrication. During the menopause transition declines in estrogen levels may cause vaginal dryness. Effective lubricants add and seal moisture in the tissue. You can use your lubricant as often as desired anytime of the day and certainly as a lubricant before and during sex. The wetter the tissue, the less risk of small tears or excess friction. Lubricants can be applied directly to vaginal tissue, inside the vagina and even to the please object/massager. If you use toys, your water-based lubricant can be safely used with any material.

The goal of massaging the vulva is to press and release not rub or stroke. When we press old fluid out we allow fresh blood and lymph in allowing more flexibility, better blood flow and thicker tissue. Practice on the back of your hand, press down with a finger and release and the paler skin will turn back to normal color. Now you are ready to massage your vulva. The entire massage should take about 5 minutes.

  1. Apply a quarter-sized dab of lubricant and smooth it lightly around so everything is slick.
  2. Begin to press and release, using two or three fingertips, working your way around the outer lips of your vulva. (It might help to think of a clock face, and work your way from 12:00 around and back to 12:00 again)
  3. Then massage your inner lips.
  4. Press the inner lips between your thumb and fingertips, with a gentle, squeezing motion. (This should not hurt; your goal is just to move the blood out, and allow it to return)
  5. Work your way all around the inner lips on both sides, and up to the clitoris.
  6. Press and release on the clitoris and clitoral hood, too.
  7. Next, massage the area around your vaginal opening. Press and release all around the opening, from 12:00 to 12:00 again.

Massaging Inside the Vagina with Vibration
By using a vibrating wand internally, you can accomplish the same sort of press-and-release massage inside your vagina that you are able to do with your fingertips on your vulva. Just like on your vulva, this kind of internal massage creates an exchange of old blood and lymph for new, allowing your body to create stronger, healthier layers of skin.

Also, medical studies show that vibration is uniquely able to increase tissue strength--in particular, the kind of strength that resists tearing. This is because the small movements made by the vibrations gently tap the skin while increasing the amount of blood that can flow to the vaginal wall. Vibration is also effective at breaking up scar tissue. If you are squeamish about using something referred to as a "vibrator," remember that this is an important therapeutic measure. You can improve your skin integrity without using a vibrating wand, but the progress is much slower, and often less progress is made. If it is also pleasurable, that's fine, but the primary intention is to help restore health and elasticity to your tissues so you can be comfortable with pelvic exams, or enjoy sexual penetration if you wish.

You will be using a vibrating wand to accomplish the internal massage. The wands are made of smooth plastic to minimize friction, and come in several sizes. It is important to choose the one that is right for you.

Determine how many lubricated fingers you can comfortably insert inside your vagina when you are not aroused. This might be one, two, or more than two fingers. Then choose the vibrating wand that corresponds in width.

  1. Coat the wand with your moisturizing lubricant, and then gently insert it into your vagina to a comfortable depth. If possible, it is best to insert it at least several inches.

  2. Turn the vibration to a medium setting, and relax for five minutes while the wand does the press-and-release massage for you. You can read, or just breathe during this time. Just let the vibrations do the work. There is no need to move the wand in and out or from side to side.

  3. As the skin becomes more flexible, you may choose to move up to the next larger size wand. If you can comfortably slip a lubricated finger into your vagina next to the wand, you can move to the next size wand.

  4. The internal massage should never be painful so take your time.

By the time you feel comfortable inserting a larger wand, pelvic exams should be comfortable as well. If you have a gynecological exam before then, ask your care provider to use a smaller sized speculum for your comfort, if necessary.

During the process of reconditioning your skin, you may see a thin smear of dilute blood, which is normal. However, if you notice red bleeding from your vagina, stop this portion of the program and consult your health care provider to evaluate the condition of your skin and rule out other problems.

If you would prefer to use finger(s) for the internal massage, you may do so but it won’t be as effective. Just insert one or two lubricated fingers vaginally, and press gently in every direction. Try to massage for about five minutes.